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EDC Compass Review: Hedgehog Compass

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Officially the coolest everyday carry compass I have ever seen. Light-weight and reliable, this product from Hedgehog Leatherworks is my new favorite piece of EDC gear.

Hedgehog Leatherworks EDC Compass

From the manufacturer's website...

"The Hedgehog EDC Compass is a backup navigation tool that can help you in such a time. It is so lightweight and unobtrusive that putting it on before you leave the house is as natural as grabbing your wallet and keys. After all, no one plans on getting lost, but having this compass with you just might prevent a bad situation from turning worse. It’s also a great conversation piece and a way to wear a little Hedgehog craftsmanship when you’re not in the field."

"The compass itself is liquid filled and has a glow-in-the-dark directional dial. It is sturdily encased in leather and attaches to the neck with a piece of parachute cord, fitted with emergency break-away clasps that will come apart under a moderate amount of force. This is to help prevent a strangulation hazard if you were to become entangled in a situation like tipping your canoe, falling down an embankment, etc"

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