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How to: Axe Maintenance - Sharpening

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The axe has been the keystone tool for centuries. When properly utilizing this tool, it is important that the edge of the blade is sharp and is well maintained. In this video, I will show you how to properly sharpen an axe blade using an inexpensive 1" x 30" belt sander. I will also show you how to hone and maintain the edge in the field.

The axe I am using is the S.A. Wetterlins Forest Axe. I chose this axe for several reasons, mostly for the quality craftsmanship you find with most Swedish manufactured tool. This axe has a 26" hickory handle perfect for a light-duty woodsman tool. Each blade that is made by S.A. Wetterlings arrives with a beautifully sharpened and polished edge ready for chopping right out of the box. Compared to the Gransfors Bruks equivalent, Wetterlings is much more affordable.

The belt sander used in the video is a 1" x 30" belt and disc combination sander available at Harbor Freight. If I had the choice to buy it again I would save a little money and go with this single 1" x 30" sander.

The "puck" that I use is manufactured by Lansky and it works perfect for honing the blade edge while in the field.

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