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  • Griffin Pocket Tool™ | Stainless Steel
  • Griffin Pocket Tool™ | Stainless Steel
  • Griffin Pocket Tool™ | Stainless Steel

Griffin Pocket Tool™ | Stainless Steel

Griffin Pocket Tool™ | Stainless Steel

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The Griffin Pocket Tool™

With a sleek profile that incorporates more than 11 tools in one, the Griffin Pocket Tool™ is just as indispensable as your car keys. In fact, it keeps your keys neatly organized and near to hand, but it is a multitool that offers so much more. We combined everything you need for everyday carry in an attractive, streamlined design that won’t add to the bulk in your pockets.

This pocket multitool features a deep pocket clip that keeps your keys in place, but it is also your own convenient, compact tool kit. A bottle opener is just the beginning. Your Griffin Pocket Tool™ is a box opener, a flat head screw driver, a scoring tool, a bit holder and a prying tool. It also provides you with four wrenches scaled from 4 to 7 millimeters.
If you are like most people who are looking for utility and convenience in a multipurpose keyring tool, you’ll be thrilled with the functionality of your new Griffin all-in-one device. It includes everything you need for everyday carry without weighing you down.

We designed the Griffin Pocket Tool™ to meet all your needs as you go about your day. You will never again have to fish around for your keys because the pocket clip ensures they stay put. You're also outfitted to pop the top on a refreshing beverage, quickly open a parcel or tighten a loose nut. Unlike other bulky pocket gadgets, the Griffin is flat, compact and lightweight. The design is distinctive, inspiring plenty of compliments, and this multipurpose tool fits naturally in the palm of your hand. It is available in several strong, durable, high performance materials, including:

• Brass
• Titanium
• Stainless steel

The griffin is a mythological creature with the body of a lion, and the head and wings of an eagle. The griffin traditionally protects treasured belongings. With its strength, its sleek design and its lightweight profile, we think you will agree that the Griffin Pocket Tool™ is aptly named.

Measurements: 3” x 0.6” x 0.2” (75mm x 15mm x 5mm)
Weight: 0.4 to 0.8 ounces (13-23 g)



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